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Three Generations 
(great grand/mother, mother, great/grand/mother)

Three Generations explores the last year of my great grandmother, and how, as an adolescent, I witnessed my mother and grandmother face heartbreaking challenges and accepting my great grandmother’s fate.

CSU Long Beach (March 2018)

Found at the Bottom of a Well


An abstract piece that pulls inspiration from the movements of various birds.

Robert B. Moore Theatre (April 2016)

Three Generations

Found at the Bottom of the Well

Inspired by a painting of Frances MacDonald, Found at the Bottom of the Well examines the ways in which we suppress the truth of our internal struggles.

Martha B. Knobel Dance Theatre (February 2018)

Is What We Do What Defines Us

Analyzes the life decisions we have made and questions whether or not we should live up to those titles.

ACDA Baja Region, CSU Los Angeles (March 2016)